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Dragonruby-publish and empty build folder.

A topic by kjoannon created 16 days ago Views: 63 Replies: 2
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When I execute ./dragonruby-publish --only-package mygame (on Linux PC), i get "All platform builds are complete!" in console but the builds folder remain empty.
The mygame folder contains an "App" folder (where my main.rb is) and when i execute "run" my game work.
Could you please help me?

Make sure you are not using symlinks. GTK is designed to live within the game repository (it’s why the binary is so small).

When running the publish command, make sure you are at the root directory (and not in the mygame) directory. Also make sure that your metadata.txt file is fully specified.

DM me on discord and we can troubleshoot together.

Thanks for your reply. I found how to debbug by downloading the dragonruby-gtk-lowrez jam game. I noticed that in the linux hidden .dragonruby folder, there is 2 folder i didn't have in mine : "stubs" and "tmptree". So i just copied them and it works.
Now i can execute the linux binary file of my game. I just have a bug with my sprites : they are not displayed, but i think it is not related to the dragon-publish bug.