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Dog Pound Theater (hand-drawn/ local multiplayer game)

A topic by Bad Little Dreamer created Jan 06, 2020 Views: 189
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Hi everyone! 

I represent Bad Little Dreamer and I'm proud to present you Dog Pound Theater :

Kind of game :

Dog Pound Theater is a hand-drawn local-multiplayer survival/reflexion game ! 

You have to be the last survivor of the play without being seen by the other player and the spotlight!

Universe and rules :

A strange TV mask maniac, named DR. Prime-Time, kidnaps many children to make them act in a strange play. 

In this play, the children should never betray 3 absolute rules :

The best way to enjoy Dog Pound Theater is to play with a friend in local multiplayer! However, you can always play alone against bots!

For more informations about the game, please follow this link :

Thank you!

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