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A topic by eoe created 16 days ago Views: 89 Replies: 3
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Hello, i've purchased this long ago, and back then i couldn't change themes easily if i remember correctly i had to add an in-document command like color : black or something, now I just downloaded Left again to see the updates (wich are so cool!), and unfortunatly I cannot make Theme>Open Theme to give any results with themes downloaded from github. But anywayI like the base theme so It might be all ok, but I'm curious of other themes.

Thanks for any help and sorry if I wasted your time

Just had a look at the manual, and solved the problem somehow,  it works only by drag&drop the theme into Left, the Theme > Open Theme button does nothing it seems. But it's all good for me now.

Thanks so much for creating Left, I absolutly love it.


Yep, drag and drop is the way to do it :).

Happy you like it, let us know if you've got other issues.

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Thank you, I have no other issues, it's (almost) perfect for me, only 2 small suggestions : 

- remember the window size when we reopen

- autosave, or a prompt warning us to save before we quit , i usually save often, but yesterday i lost a small part of my work when simply exiting