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Luna Engine MV

A script that modifies RPG Maker MV UI easily · By Archeia

BUG when loading save file

A topic by Shildmaiden created Jan 01, 2020 Views: 478 Replies: 8
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An error message is displayed when trying to "continue" game. It only happens when Luna Engine is on. What might be happening?
Developer (1 edit)

Is it a new save file or an old save file? If you try our demos, that error doesn't happen.

Hi Archeia,
I updated plugin files carefully and deleted all old save files before testing.

I see that loading save files works fine in the demo. But still doesn't work in my project. I tough it might be a conflict with other plugin, but I tested carefully each one and nothing changed. Only when I turn Luna Engine off.
 Perhaps a bad combination between two other plugins + Luna Engine? I am testing this now.

If you have any idea what might be the problem, let me know.


I feel like I have to mention the obvious here, the report is vague. I need your plugin list. We also provide limited compatibility support since supporting every plugin out there would be impossible.

Hey, picked up Luna Engine a while back and finally started to give it a go. I'm actually getting a pretty similar error. It's the same situation for me too. I try selecting "continue" and then the error appears immediately.

I'll try showing my plugins too.


Have you tried turning off scripts one by one and try saving/loading to see if it errors? With that amount of plugins even for us that's really difficult to tell.

I'll give it a shot now and see what happens.

I tried turning off scripts one by one, and launching the game, yet I wasn't able to open the save/load menu. There were two times where I got a different error though.
First, there's when both Yanfly's Core Engine and DreamX's Battle Status Core plugins are off:

Then there's when both Yanfly's Battle Engine Core and DreamX's Battle Status Core plugins are off, though this happens upon launch of the game instead of when trying to get to the save/load menu, therefore I'm not quite sure if it's even related:

Oh, I feel as if I should mention that I used the sideview battle template in its entirety.