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Lighthearted is a roleplaying game of 80s nostalgia, neon, & magic. · By Kurt Potts

A rules summary? And clarifying a couple of conflict rules

A topic by stevehickey created Dec 27, 2019 Views: 53 Replies: 2
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Hope the holidays are going well! I'm looking at prepping a game of Lighthearted soon, and I was thinking that a 1-page handout for the Director would be really useful. Just putting all of the rules for conflicts, adding and clearing stress, etc together.

I also noticed a couple of things in the Conflict rules that you might want to clarify:

Who's In Control (p.18): This could go before the 'Establishing Conflict' section on page 15. It's something that you determine at the start of the scene.

Resistance rolls (p.17): You might want to specify that you spend 3 Heart to resist, here. Not including that number meant I was confused when read 'Resisting Consequences' on page 19. You could also change the name, here, to 'Resisting consequences rolls happen ...' or 'You roll to resist consequences' (or change the 'Resisting Consequences' reference on page 19 to  'Resistance rolls'). Just to keep the terminology consistent.

Hey Steve, Thanks for the feedback! Kate and I really appreciate it. We are working on the next version of the game right now so we'll try to address those issues. As for the Cheatsheet, that is a great idea and I'll try to get a package of reference sheets together in the next couple days.

Hey Steve, I wanted to check back here. We have a big update coming out Tuesday and some of the rules changes were the ones referenced here. I'll be working on a cheat sheet to go along with the update and should have that out by the end of the week!