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I should be able to get that up in the next couple days. 

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing your playthrough.

Yep, just added 30 more

I’m glad you like it!

You’ve got the injuries figured right, but characters can exhaust armor to avoid an injury. If armor doesn’t fit the concept try taking an items like rage or thick skin. 

Also being taken out doesn’t have to be dead or even unconscious. It could mean they are cutoff, trapped or otherwise out of the scene.  

Hey, glad you're enjoying the game.
On page 6, under Cost Upgrades, it says to increase the die size for each cost upgrade in the Segments or Symbols table. That should probably say Segments and Symbols table. In your example you'd be rolling a single d8.

Thank you! Looking for someone on my end to give it a once over. Will be in touch!

It looks like someone did a playthrough of Sigils a while back so I thought I'd share incase people wanted to check it out!

My apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I had a loss in my family about 8 months ago and I totally missed this. Can you send me an email kurt(at)

Updated Millie's pronouns in the pdf.

Thank you so much! Good catch on the pronouns. I missed it when copying the formatting. I'll get that updated tonight.

Yep, just added more.

I bumped it up to the end of September.

I don’t think so. 

I could extend it another month. I’m a little worried about getting my own game done in time. and I want to make sure people have the time they need. 

Pop Top Camper Van - The All Purpose Camper Van Conversion

Hey there vanjammers,

We've got six days left how is everyone doing? Do we need an extension?

Very cool! I like the pentagram clock for xp. That's a nice touch.

the rules fit on the bumper sticker. The rest is sick art!

love it!

I’m so glad it helped you out.

Here is my illustrator template for my game.
Download it here: 

This is a killer pitch!


That poster is so good!

Thank you for this awesome review!

love it! 

I'll keep editing this post with all the fantasy stock art I find.

Several images by the same user Shutterstock/paid

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I'll keep editing this post with all the van vectors I find. 

Subscription/free trial/shutterstock:



pro subscription/vecteezy

free with attribution/freepick

I’m envisioning the nihilists from The Big Lebowski as skeletons. 

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I'm currently thinking about an interdimensional Van that randomly hops around picking up travelers, dropping them in the middle of weird-ass adventures. Haven't decided on a system yet though.

Hey VanJammers, I thought I would start a little brainstorming thread to see what everyone's got in mind and help each other out. Whatcha got?

Frogs are best at fight! This is the cutest little tool I've seen. I love toolkit games because they let you expand on other rules-lite games when you need a little more structure.

You’re very welcome. 

Just added more.

Hi jpyeah, thanks for asking, and sorry you're stuck. Admittedly there are gaps in the structure and the game isn't written in a way that's super friendly to new players. The core of the game is the clue style deduction, but that is sort of played out in scenes and the game doesn't really offer any advice on how to set or play out scenes.

A player could set a scene by asking a question like "Did Winifred the pigeon see anything?" At that moment they are inventing a witness, Winifred, and establishing what the scene will be about. It might play out like this:

  • The player could ask everyone at the table to contribute a detail to the scene like where your investigator finds Winifred, or what she is doing when you find her.
  • Have one of the other players portray Winifred while you question her. 
  • When everyone feels like you should roll now it would trigger the move Question a Witness. 
  • Say how the scene ends based on the roll.

Then have another player do something similar but with a different question like "What happened to the murder weapon?"

I hope that helps and I'm sorry for the delay.

Not at the moment.

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This is a frantic little reminder that the Lighthearted Kickstarter launches Tuesday, Jan 26th at 9am PST!

I hope you are ready because I CAN'T WAIT!

I could not have picked a better song to base a game on! 5 stars.

St. Elco's Fire #13, a Lighthearted Actual Play

St. Elco's Fire #12, a Lighthearted Actual Play