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Another RPG Engine

Engine for creating RPGs in Twine 2 and SugarCube. · By Another RPG Enthusiast

Game: Flawed Crystals

A topic by A Friendly Irin created Dec 25, 2019 Views: 274
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I posted this to the AO3 page, but forgot to post it here, it seems. I made a game with this engine:

Flawed Crystals

This is a fangame of Steven Universe (2013). It is fanfiction-inspired, with a large focus on story and character mixed with a crunchy RPG battle system.
The gems leave Steven for one final mission. They come back corrupted. To save them, Steven will have to face uncomfortable truths about his friends, his family, and himself.
(Rose Quartz is Rose Quartz AU, canon divergent from A Single Pale Rose)

I made a few modifications to the engine for this game, primarily to facilitate gameplay with larger party sizes. I have included these modifications as a download on the game page, for interested parties.