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Steam Key? Sticky

A topic by o PazzuzU o created 66 days ago Views: 331 Replies: 3
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Where and when do I get a steam key?

I donated 2 years ago, I thought we got a key.

I too would like to hear an update on this.
I donated in February of 2017, and I have not yet heard of how, or even if at all steam keys may be acquired.

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Question: Will I also get a steam key if I bought the game on , GameJolt or pledged on Patreon?

Answer: At the moment, only Patrons are guaranteed to receive a Steam Key.

All Patrons are guaranteed a Steam Key. If you donated more then $5 on, before December 1st 2017, send Dasius your email address and username and how much you donated and Dasius will send you a Steam Key when its available. At the moment, Dasius and the Volunteer Team will not be accepting messages for Steam Keys until Steam Release