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Magical Girls & Mecha

A game about magical girls and giant robots · By Margaret Catter

Creating A Character

A topic by Margaret Catter created 57 days ago Views: 14
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Developer (2 edits)

Name | Each character must have a unique name. It doesn’t matter if they are a PC or a GMPC. Names can be whatever a player wants it to be.

Age | Are you a middle school or high school ages magical girl? 

History | Who were you before this mission started? 

Personality | What are you like and how do you interact with other players?

Birthplace/Location | Where are you from?

Faction | Magical Defense Agency or Independent Cooperative of Magical People 

Fears | What scares you the most?

Motivations | What is the driving force that made you agree to this mission

Strengths | What are you good at

Weaknesses | What are you less good at

Physical Description (Every day) | [build, height, eye/hair color, complexion, etc]

Physical Description (Transformation) | What do you look like 

Mech Description | What does your mech look like? Is it a Light, Medium, Heavy or Assault mech? This is in a way an extension of your innermost self.

Role | Tank Support Melee

Character Secrets | This is something that only you and the Moderation team are aware of.