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BTW the google docs Hints and Hijinx Creator’s Guide & Hints and Hijinx Solo+ Creator’s Guide require permission for some reasons to open.

But excited to dive into this.

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Deepdwn community » Requests · Created a new topic Logo/Assets

Not a super relevant/pressing request but would it be possible to get a PNG of the deepdwn logo? I wanna talk about it more about how I use it when I stream and want to have the clean version logo to put on my stream title stream and announcement tweet.

I also semi-related want to make dumb stream grid art work because I’m trying to remember to launch deepdwn via steam for ~ time-tracking reasons but looking at the boring black hero graphic makes me sad.

I extended the submission deadline for Tactics Time till midnight Sunday. If you wanna make a weekend sprint to finish and submit your game.

Also it’s been brought to my attention the discord link is expired so I’ve included a new link below. Once you’ve read the sever rules and done role selection leave a comment in the general channel tagging me (KaosCryptid [hashtag] 1810) and I’ll add the role for the jammers meet space.

Thank you for participating in this little jam 😃

Ah cool, something is up with my ctrl key because it works sometimes but other times its like screw you but it does that in a multitude of programs so I know its a me thing not a deepdwn problem.

Thank you! LOL I realized like 30 minutes after I asked “duh relative links!” but you’d already responded. My brain is working too fast and somehow not fast enough at the same time.

Another linking question, if the link works in deepdwn if I click on the .md file should it not open that file either in deepdwn or on the file explorer level?

Question, I can’t link to documents in another folder within my deepdwn directory. Am I doing something wrong?

Some of my entries get really long and I share the markdown files with other people, and they open them in IDE and reference the line numbers but since I’m looking at them in Deepdwn, I don’t have the associated line numbers to know what they’re looking at so I end up opening what started in Deepdwn in say VS Code.

Deepdwn community » Requests · Created a new topic Line Numbers

Possibly to get line numbers on documents? Similar to other IDE

Any chance for a Linux build so I can play on my steamdeck?

Ha! That does! Why did I never realize within deepdwn I could you know click on those and they’d just switch pages. I kept going to the sidebar every time.

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Necro’ing this because I finally found a better way to articulate what I’m trying to do.

I made a list at the beginning of the week of things that I want to get done this week/month

Today I’m tackling some of those things and I have to swap between the two documents to both update that they’ve been done on both so I don’t forget - or just remove it from the monthly list and add it to the weekly list. If I could just link either to the previous document (or even better to the header of that document) Future me wouldn’t have to check currently two but theoretically multiple places to see if something got done. I could just look on the original monthly list and then as things get done just link do the documents (sections) that have the items from whatever new note they end up in.

Here’s to hoping this makes sense now better than it did before to someone outside of my own head. lol

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Sure, the issue is I personally am rather forgetful, and I’ve been using deepdwn as a combo todo list, journal, and daily notes. And sometimes I’ve forgotten that I’ve already had this thought about doing XYZ thing before. I am, however very consistent with tagging things I’m just again forgetful inconsistent with what tag I’ve used. For example, I have 3 tags:

Junk Drawer - Like a kitchen’s junk drawer, everything is in there you need definitely, but that’s also not where it should go, but you know that its’ in there somewhere and one day you’ll need it.

Notes For Future Me - Things I can’t do right now, but when I have some downtime, I should come to look back at this

Notes From Past Me - Basically, think sticky notes from past sleep-deprived past you. Not necessarily a To Do more of a Heads up

Basically, when what I want is when I select a tag, the timeline at the bottom will light up with the other days this tag was used. And then if I select multiple tags, it will light up with where they’re both found - hopefully in a different color shade, but that’s like an even deeper hey this would be nice -

9 things would be highlighted

Only 3 things would be highlighted

Tied to the auto-complete thing so since deepdwn knows Junk Drawer was tagged in this document’s metadata this new document has similar but not exactly the same metadata “hey do you wanna add this additional previously used metadata tag to this document?”

Tbh this might be a super edge case, all things considered.

PS, Did I break something or is the document data specific to each machine?

Circling back to this to expand. Sort of like an expansion of the tag auto-complete feature and the tracker that is at the bottom of deepdwn. If I’m hovering over a tag in either a document or in the sidebar, it would highlight the day’s documents with those tags were updated/saved/had changes. And/or the ability to see which tags are used frequently together in the same document - like highlighting every time I have 10 things tagged “junk drawer” I’ve previously used the tags “note to self” 9 times and “for future me” 6 times. So I’d remember, hey this probably needs one of those tags too.

Just chiming in to say I also have almost the exact same workflow. The only difference is I don’t open my markdown files in vscode anymore. I have also experimented with mdx and would second support of mdx files in deepdown :D

Deepdwn community » Requests · Created a new topic Backlinks

Backlinking/bidirectional linking to connect notes into a network of knowledge using I guess the tag and category. I know you can link in markdown so maybe? IDk exactly but it would be amazing.

Bringing this thread back from the dead because I think I’m doing something wrong? I have the font installed but Deepdwn doesn’t see it? I’ve tried closing deepdwn, reinstalling the font, then opening it back up again and nothing changes.


I write a description about the contents of my note is. So I don’t have so I can at a glance read whatever was in or on my mind when I wrote it. Or if it’s something for someone else to read what the document is about.

Really I don’t need it to work so much as I wanted to know if I used yaml in the headers I wouldn’t break something in deepdwn (again).

So just to confirm most if not all yaml header tags shouldn’t break anything?

Deepdwn community » Support · Created a new topic Does this work?

Figured I might make a thread so I can stop asking if xyz function works within deepdwn.

  1. Does deepdwn recognize “description” in the metadata header info?

Had some other thoughts for suggestions

  1. This one is a long shot but discord integration? Maybe a basic bot that you could ping and it either pull up the corresponding file within deepdwn or updates a file or shows what you’re working in the discord “game playing”
  2. Autocomplete for tags & categories. I’m really bad at remembering the exact words of my tags so autocomplete would be amazing.
  3. Ability to move the Filters/Folders/Outline panes like Photoshop

No worries I’m glad I didn’t break it in some terrible actually hard-to-fix manner.

DM with zip sent via wetransfer

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Thanks! I’ve downloaded 0.33.1 same still but I am still pretty confident its a me thing move anything. I’ll shoot you the error log and my markdown files in a wetransfer link. They’re nothing too incriminating lol mostly just my overly long todo list.

ETA: Looks like you’re twitter dm’s are locked to not followers. I’m @mcatterdev

For a hot second, I thought I figured it out. I thought that possibly because my .md head text had new elements that maybe deepdwn doesn’t support it was breaking things.

However, a couple of tests later shows that wasn’t it but I think I’m close.

Deepdwn - 12 March 2022 - Troubleshooting - 2.6

Deepdwn - 12 March 2022 - Troubleshooting - 2.6.1

Okay so I think I know whats setting the bug off. There’s something in my MARCH folder that it doesn’t like.

Once I renamed the whole deepdwn folder it came back so then I started testing when exactly it breaks. Deepdwn - 12 March 2022 - Troubleshooting - 2.2

To check that it was the March folder I put everything but that folder back and it seemed again to still be fine and as intended. Deepdwn - 12 March 2022 - Troubleshooting - 2.3

Then I tried going through the .md in the March folder to figure out what the heck broke Deepdwn - 12 March 2022 - Troubleshooting - 2.4

I’m 90% sure its one of the files from the 10th. I thought for a moment that it was the one marked phone but I realized it can’t be because the whole reason that file happens was that this was happening so I opened my phones text editor. I’m gonna go investigate whatever in my “” and figure out what makes it different because its fine in VSCode Deepdwn - 12 March 2022 - Troubleshooting - 2.5

Hope these videos help

So I’ve got good news and bad news. The first suggestion of renaming the data file didn’t SEEM to do anything that I could tell because it still didn’t work. But I wasn’t sure if I renamed the right file? However the good news is Creating an empty folder and then copying my previous .md files into it seems to work, as in they show up in the file directory within Deepdwn. However the bad news is I copied some nested folders and while they show up in the file directory in the folder directory even though it has the twirl carrot for expand folders there doesn’t seem to be anything there. Also even when I removed the folder in question the files still show up in deepdwn in both the file directory and in the editor.

Deepdwn - 12 March 2022 - Troubleshooting - 2.0 Deepdwn - 12 March 2022 - Troubleshooting - 2.1

No subfolders showing No folder directory still see files

Deepdwn - 10 March 2022 - Troubleshooting - 1.2

Well, I’ve also tried uninstalling and redownloading from itch and still the same deal. IDK how I broke it but I think I might have broken it.

Can do! So I tried out the process you suggested. I figured it would be more helpful via video than a series of screenshots. Either way removing the folder, disabling File Changing, and then quitting and reading the folder did not seem to have any effect at all.

Deepdwn - 10 March 2022 - Troubleshooting - 1.0

I also just cause I wanted to double-check that it’s not OneDrive I copied the same folder to my desktop and had the same results. Oddly enough when I made a whole new empty folder on my desktop and then tried to open a bunch of new files in Deepdwn same thing happened. Figured I’d get ahead of the troubleshooting curve by checking.

Deepdwn - 10 March 2022 - Troubleshooting - 1.1

Deepdwn community » Support · Created a new topic Empty Directory

Yesterday I restarted my computer as one does and when I went to reopen deepdwn the directory tree with the folder content is both not showing up but is also not filtering properly. I can’t change from the document that I’m in currently though it works perfectly fine. I’ve checked both on the windows explorer level, in VSC, and within deepdwn trying different folders & filters.

My only thought is that this has something to do with the fact the folder in question is stored on OneDrive possibly?

Still on 0.33.0

Thank you! I was so confused but I’m glad it was just me and a formatting issue. I’ll have to kill my active habit of deleting the trailing spaces or at least tell my spell check it’s not actually an error.

Version 0.33.0 Windows 10 Home Edition

I’m trying to make a footnote in deepdwn but when I try to make the footnote multi-paragraph it doesn’t seem to work it stays on the same line but the bigger issue which I tried to illustrate with the screenshot is that for some reason I can’t make a list in a footnote. Ive tried both indented and unintended. I originally had it as a numbered list and it did the same thing, I tried a few other symbols with the same result.

Unsure if this is a bug or if deepdwn just doesn’t support list in footnotes.

I tend to have several documents open at the same time. While pinning them to the top is easy enough the ability to open them in tabs within deepdwn would be game-changing. I’m referring to tabs that are similar to the way VS code has tabs, not the way Chrome has tabs.

Out of curiosity since it says version 1.0 on the title page and I’ve taken that to imply there might be future updates to the book? Or was that just an internal “v1.0_aka_the-final-final-change-nothing-or-else.pdf” thing?

Btw it’s spelled Kanban not canban 😃

Somehow we’re in the last leg of things. How’s everyone doing out there?

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20210918 13:30 PT / 21:30 GMT

Once you’ve read and accepted the ToS you will receive the member role. From there navigate to the #roles channel and select your chosen roles. If you have any problems feel free to ping me at Lilredalchemist [hashtag] 3636

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Late on my part but welcome to the second run of Turn-Based Tactics Jam!

Wish you all the best of luck with your project. Please feel free to make forum threads for things you need. Also, there is a discord server for jams that I (Margaret Catter Dev) run if you want more live interactions.

And yes unlike last year it is open to both pen & paper games, as well as LARPs and CRPGs.

If you have any questions or want to have some input on the jam, please tweet me, hit me up in the Jams discord linked below or drop me a line in the jam forum.

Welcome to Release the Magic! A queer magical girl game jam. Wish you all the best of luck with your project. Please feel free to make forum threads for things you need. Also, there is a discord server for jams that I (Margaret Catter Dev) run if you want more live interactions.

Margaret Catters Jam Band Discord Server

If you have any questions feel free to drop them here.

Have fun!