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House generator

A topic by Meowyellow created 67 days ago Views: 234
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The below script is a modification of the building generator provided by Kenney that builds houses (i.e with sloped roofs rather than flat as per the building generator). It differs to Kenneys version in a few ways :

  • Windows will build on the lowest level. As such, you don't get a skirting around the bottom of your building like in the building generator
  • You get a door on the ground level
  • You get the occasional balcony on upstairs windows
  • Houses will be 1 or 2 storey
  • Currently, houses are square/rectangle. I plan to make provision for "L" shaped houses 


  • The centre of the roof builds with a couple of "wrong" tiles as appropriate tiles that fit with the existing tile set are not currently available. You'll get a not-quite-matching end piece for rectangular buildings (as per the below image), and a not-quite-matching "point" piece for square buildings. Fixing this will require replacement of the "roof_point" and "roof_half" references in the code once appropriate pieces are available.


Get it here! House Generator