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First playable project

A topic by Kthulhu1947 created Feb 23, 2017 Views: 156
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Last year, I have joined an online video game school. Every month, the teacher host a game jam allowing us (the students) to practice a little with a goal. My first project was made for the GameCodeur jam #3. The theme was the use of list in our code.

I had the idea of making a little dummy which can walk with animation and here's the result :
All the controls are explicit directly on the screen.

I wanted to make a realistic moving with the switch of arms and legs even when it jump. Then I gave it the possibility to shrink and to grow until a limit. At this time I thought I can use it later in a game with size changes. I had encountered a little problem when a wanted to rotate all the arms and legs independently. But there is solution that I had learned in a course with OpenGL. It consists in using the key word push and pop between the form I want to move as I want. It's a little technical but I found it fun to actually apply school stuff in personnel project.

Later, a youtuber use my animation in a video if you don't have time to play it ;-). Mine is at 13:33.