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A Short Hike

a little exploration game about hiking up a mountain · By adamgryu

Trees appear and disappear at random

A topic by taybalkom created 31 days ago Views: 84 Replies: 2
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hi! Love the game so far. Weird thing happening graphically for me is that trees appear and disappear seemingly at random and slide across the screen. 
Im running the game on an older MacBook Pro (mid 2010, running macOS High Sierra) so that may be the cause. Is anyone else experiencing this?


Hey! Sorry about this issue, I think I've heard a similar report before. Do you know what graphic card you are on?

Certain older graphic cards don't support OpenGL 4.1 (they only go up to 3.3) which is needed to optimize tree rendering. At the moment, these older cards aren't officially supported and I don't know a workaround for the issue yet.

Hey! Thanks for the response. The card in my laptop is a NVIDIA GeForce 320M 256 MB. I'm certain it's ancient haha.