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Doesn't work with JoyCons on Switch

A topic by ahstro created 67 days ago Views: 42 Replies: 4
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Urgh, really want to play this game, it looks amazing! Unfortunately, doesn't play well with the Nintendo Switch's JoyCons, connected to Arch Linux using riking's joycon drivers. Think this one's on Unity, I'm mostly just writing here to show that there's interest in the game 😉


For a moment, I thought some insane fool had ported this thing to Switch. :v

Fot what it's worth, I've been switching to the new input system and I intended to release an update to E1 for all versions simultaneously; I was just waiting for the Android testing environment to catch up with the new input system. I'm getting more and more convinced I should just release now and have my Android release later.

I mean WHAT? Why did you really thought this game would perfectly work with dualshocks or switch joycons? Most of modern games don't suppport anything except the xbox one & 360 controllers.


It's cool. If the input was meant to pass as a generic gamepad, then that is in fact a Unity problem.