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Ethernalis Alpha Access

A topic by Ethernalis created Feb 20, 2017 Views: 292 Replies: 1
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Hi o/

Thanks for having us!

We have just uploaded a Win64bit client for our Alpha Access game Ethernalis - a rogue-like, RPG card game with an old school MUD event interface, procedurally generated dungeons and many characters to choose from. The game is in it's early steps but we really appreciate the support and feedback of indie community and would like to share with you our journey to the final product.

The game is set in the dark fantasy world, and is full of our own original concept art. The game is coded by us from scratch and does not use any gaming libraries or engines.

We are gradually working towards multiplayer interactions while updating and improving the interface and the mechanics of the game.

Players can choose their character and discover the world of Ethernal torn by the immediate danger of the undead armies.

Collect equipment, cast spells and discover procedurally generated dungeons to support Imperial campaigns or join the forces of Evil to unleash the death lurking in the mountain depths for millennia. Alpha release currently supports most features you would normally expect from a rogue-like title but our ambition is to make it go further.

The Ethernalis Alpha Access is also available for FREE on Modern Android Devices on Google Play Store.

You can find out more on the project website: and follow the development on twitter: @nospoonnocake

Let us know what you think! o/

Here's the link to our game:

Hi All o/ - Just dropping a little line now that the MacOSX version is also available o7