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Ability points roll

A topic by Iainb created Dec 14, 2019 Views: 146 Replies: 2
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Hey, loving the roller, best digital one out there!

I’m using the expression 4d6R{1}L to do AP rolls, but I need to do it six times, is there another expression to do it all in one roll, or would I have to roll six times?



the results will total all dice pools so you will get the sum value if you try to roll it all at once.

BUT if you enable the “show pool values” option, each dice pool’s value will be displayed below the results, you can then roll:

“4d6R{1}L + 4d6R{1}L + 4d6R{1}L + 4d6R{1}L + 4d6R{1}L + 4d6R{1}L”

And see the different values (ignoring the main result)

That is AMAZING!! Thank you Sophie!