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A topic by Cat Nigiri created Feb 19, 2017 Views: 472
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While the team created Keen, Caio –– our founder and main game designer –– started a new sidekick project and made Necrosphere all by himself. Check it out here:

Necrosphere is a (really hard) bite-sized metroidvania game you control with ONLY TWO BUTTONS!

The Necrosphere is where you go when you die, regardless of being good or bad. You don't see other people around there, and you don't have anything to do except to wait eternally. Soon as the player (Agent Terry Cooper) hits the Necrosphere, he learns about the portals that can take him back to the world of the living (also called Normalsphere), and his quest to escape the afterlife is set.

Vote YES for Necrosphere on Steam Greenlight!