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[Music, SFX] Composer, Sound designer looking for a team

A topic by lemniscarte created Feb 18, 2017 Views: 203 Replies: 7
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Hi there folks! My name is Ingo, and I've been doing soundtrack as Lemniscarte for over a decade, and am very much excited about the game jam scene - I want to cut my teeth on music and audio in general for games, and think this is a great way to make friends while learning more from this great community. Specially with a theme like this, then it's a win-win-win :)

If you want to hear some of my work, come over to You'll notice there's no examples of sound effects there though.



Hi Ingo. I think your stuff is great.

I'm a programmer. I mostly work with Haxe + HaxeFlixel but I've also got experience with Unity and with Phaser. You can see examples of my games at

Would you be interested in working together?

Awesome, I'm down to team up! How do we keep communicating? Via this thread, or via PM?

Do you have Discord? If so add me Citizen Of Mêlée/#8505

I think that'd be easiest. If not, do you have Twitter?

Are you still interested? If so how should we communicate?

Hi there! Yes I'm still interested, just super busy. I do have a Twitter account, @lemniscarte. I just use it to follow artists and studios I like, though, not much to see there!

We can always do it over Skype too!

Awesome. I've followed you on Twitter so we could direct message there - but if you don't use it Skype could work. What's your Skype address?

Lookup ingo.duarte, shoot me a message so I know it's working