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Platform Fighter Engine

Make your own 2D Platform Fighter in GameMaker Studio 2 · By Springroll Games

Adding Features?

A topic by SpongeBound104 created Dec 09, 2019 Views: 467 Replies: 2
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Hello, there! I’m interested in using this engine for my fighting game but I want to ask a big question first that’ll decide everything. 

Is there a way I can edit the engine itself and add new features?

For example, when you go into battles you instead have lifebars and each character has their own amount of HP. Kinda like Stamina Mode. Also, you’d have Super Meter Bars. I also want to change the controls around and add some, and make the game playable with keyboards. Also, is there a way to wall in stages so that you can’t be thrown out? I’m looking for a more classic fighting game experience which is why I’m asking all of this. 


Hey! Thanks for checking out our engine.

All of the things you mentioned are technically possible to add if you have GameMaker Studio 2. The project file (.yyz) is available for download for free on the page. 

However, it might not be the best idea to use the engine if you are looking to make a traditional fighting game. You'd have to get rid of a lot of the "smash bros specific" code for it to work, and it might be more difficult than just coding a traditional fighting game from scratch.

Thanks for the info! The real reason I asked was because I’m making a PlayStation All stars styled game but with added traditional fighting game mechanics and I thought that having this as a base engine would work good for the game.