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Cliff Parchment: The Mystery of Skeleton Lake

A topic by Potato Dog created Feb 17, 2017 Views: 595
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Hello there my strong and elegant friends!

I finally got round to releasing my first ever game.

Here is a little about the game, which can be found and purchased here.

A nod to the classic adventure games of old, Cliff Parchment: The Mystery of Skeleton Lake aims to amuse, confuse and bruise, all in one sweet little package.

It's a game that refuses to hold your hand, because it doesn't know where your hand has been. The result as that you will probably chop off your hair before you are able to complete it.

Do you like a challenge? Do you like getting stuck? Do you like controlling a little man? Well this is the game for you!

Thanks very much & I hope you enjoy it!

Dale the Potato.

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