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The Japan Collection: JRPG Characters Pack

20 animated character sprites (32x32 in size) including a character template for use in your project! · By GuttyKreum

Juixe FX

A topic by SLG created Dec 08, 2019 Views: 288 Replies: 2
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You are selling me on Juice FX. Those banners looks nice!


I actually haven't used Juice FX on a released piece yet (but I do recommend it from what I have tried)! I just started using it so my next piece will most likely be using it for some animation. 


I just noticed its use in your title image with your flags/banners the tree. Ive been looking at the tool a lot myself, but havent pulled the trigger. Though in your tokyo styled scene, It looks lovely. Making me revisit my previous ordeal. lol. <3