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BluWord is inviting you to write an inspirational story that would make the video game development world a better place!

A topic by gantt created Feb 16, 2017 Views: 151
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I'm Gantt, and I'm here to invite you to share your inspirational stories at BluWord in order to make the world of video game development a better place.

In short, BluWord is a platform that allows you to share your stories (the Words) to the world

We reaches out to people in the video game development community who would like to share their story of their successes/failures, origins, struggles, or anything else.

Our published weblogs come from people who have overcome challenges which previously kept them on the periphery of the video game development industry.

Our goal is to enrich the video game development community and expand its accessibility, not to supplant or compete with the existing community.

BluWord is about reaching out to those who need direction in their career. People who know where they want to be, but not how to get there. Their barriers might be language, culture, time, money, or simply not knowing where to go.

To learn more about BluWord and how to contribute, please visit us at

If you are interested in contributing your stories, please contact us at

We are passionate about this idea. We know we can make it work! We don't know if the community is ready to break down these barriers so we can share our community with people who come from different cultures and who speak in different languages. If you are ready to open up the community to those on the periphery, please make a contribution and show your support for BluWord.

Gantt | BluWord

People need motivations, spread the Words!