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FPV Freerider for iPhone iOS

A topic by mraush created 80 days ago Views: 305 Replies: 6
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He, we LIKE the FPV Freerider so much, but we need the iOS Version of it. Please, release this Version for iPhone and iPad. Thank You!


Thanks, well, as far as I know iOS still has very limited support for physical controllers. I know some bluetooth controllers might work, but as far as I know it is not possible to connect an RC radio to iPhone/iPad devices, which makes it less appealing for a FPV simulator in my opinion. (Most people would just be able to fly using touchscreen controls, which is not ideal for FPV practice...)

If anyone has other information regarding physical controllers please let me know.

I'd love if simulator would run on IOS devices like iPad pro. It's a powerful device with great display.  You may be right with the assumption that IOS still has very limited support for hysical controllers. - and Bluetooth is not an option for FPV due to time lag of bluetooth devices. This time lag is technology instrinsic. But there is a dongle available for a Frsky radio transmitter which may work. Could you evaluate this?

FrSky XSR Sim - USB Dongle Simulator

hi. Thank you for your reply. The one and only working controller is: 

SteelSeries Nimbus, Wireless Gaming-Controller for iOS


Thanks, have you tried that controller yourself, is it good for FPV? I guess both analogs nubs are self-centering like on most gamepads.

Dose this work with IOS?

FrSky XSR Sim - USB Dongle Simulator

Developer (1 edit)

I know some people are successfully using it on MacOS. 

FPV Freerider is not available for iOS (iPhone, iPad)