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A topic by SENKRAD Studios created Feb 15, 2017 Views: 163
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[Insert Game Name Here]... Yes that is the actual game name...

This is a game in which you play as as a warrior who must traverse through the maze defeating slimes until you reach the KING SLIME! It is free and uses 8-bit Isometric 2D graphics for its art style.

This game has full controller support so can be played using both keyboard and controller but currently will default to keyboard unless a controller is connected. If a controller is collected then it will automatically use the controllers input methods

This game has been in development over the past few months and is currently just a basic demo. I am 17 and worked on this in my free time. It is only on PC at the moment. I would export to platforms other than Windows but since I have made it in Gamemaker Studio: Pro version (Bought in Humble Bundle) I cannot afford to buy the export methods.

Play it here for FREE on