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New Levels and Weapons!

A topic by Digital Precept ® created Feb 15, 2017 Views: 301 Replies: 5
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Hey guys! So here's an update on what we have cooking right now:

  • We're adding an Alley level before the Subway to act as the tutorial. We weren't satisfied with the current training level (the dojo) as it doesn't flow with the Level 1 (Subway). So we're going to make a Level 0 tutorial that is themed as Alley ways leading to the subway. We're also changing the tutorial to emphasize the Shadowstep ability more as a lot of players at PAX would forget about it. (It's only mentioned once in the old tutorial)
  • The Training Dojo is being turned into a sandbox area with enemy spawners and weapons. Why? Because we wanted a way to experiment with features an enemies without having to tweak levels all the time. Also, we used to have an unlimited brawl mode and we want to bring that back in the sandbox.
  • Baseball bats are working! People asked for them, we made them and added it in! Weapons act like limited use power ups. You can use them a few times and they'll insta-kill enemies. The baseball bat shatters on the first enemy it kills, which allows you to shank a second enemy with it.
  • Working on some hurricane shurikens. We currently have knives in the game, and you can throw them, but throwing weapons in VR always feels off to us. (I've tried a handful of games with throwing knives, I've yet to find one that feels good to me. ) With the hurricane shurikens, you throw it like normal, and if it detects an enemy within range, the blades sling out and it homes in on them. You'll still need to aim of course, but you don't need to be perfect.

Once the alleyway tutorial is done, we'll push out the update to you guys for feedback. It should also include the sandbox with weapons.


Sorry probably foolish question, do we just keep downloading the newer versions to update?

Not a foolish question at all! If you have the app it will auto update. We haven't pushed a new update yet. The plan is to get the shuriken implemented as well as the new tutorial level before we push an update to you guys. We'll post about it in the change log. In retrospect I see how "Updates" looks like it has already been released. I'll change it to "Upcoming". Sorry for the confusion! We'll also email you when the new version is posted.

how to go to slow motion punching in the game?

I would like to play to dojo.  Any chance of getting it back? 

FYI, there is a new dojo in development.