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what is this emulator guide for? I have download it and put it into the core file located in the libretro file. what does it do in the game?

will they shoot back, move like the npc's in fall out 4 and skyrim? or they just stand there. all the npc"s so far are just standing there.

will npc be animated like skyrim and fallout?

very good performance capture face on guy in lavatory.will they follow me as a companion and have movable arms and legs? like the people in skyrim and fallout 4 vr?

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very good experience in the game. I could not get out of the red pill building so I had to go to the menu and start game again to get out. is there a seated mode for the game? with a crouch button.

I would like to play to dojo.  Any chance of getting it back? 

how to go to slow motion punching in the game?