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[Initium] According to One of the best games to play while at school/work

A topic by universeprojects created Dec 04, 2019 Views: 195
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Initium is a MMORPG browser-based game made by Redditors. Often touted as one of the best games to play while at work/school. It's like a regular MMORPG but made from photographs, complete with Diablo-like loot, monsters, dungeons, and server-wide events.

If you've ever played a MUD, think of this as a hybrid MMORPG and MUD. A game that can be played casually but also hardcore depending on your playing style. A focus on community with a chat that is front-and-center. Stores in-game are all run by real players, buying and selling loot. 

Completely cross-platform. Playable on mobile (Play store), or directly in the browser.

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