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SlaloM Game Library Manager - unite all game clients!

A topic by Dreamspace President created Feb 15, 2017 Views: 534
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  • When renaming games is completely normal to you.

  • When you don't care whether the game's on Steam, Uplay, etc.,
    or if you installed it yourself.

  • When you see what the game looks like for real
    right when you select it, not some fancy advertisement image.

  • When you create, assign, and group tags to your heart's content.

  • When you can filter and sort your library like a maniac.

Then you are where PC gaming should be.

SlaloM can take you there.
For free.
Right now.

This is one of SlaloM's views: Screenshot tiles.
You can surf the current content of your list
(Depends on the various filters and sort options.)
in 5x5 layout - or 4x4 etc. down to "1x1".