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Space Jammers

1-4 Player Cooperative, Rogue-ish, Shmup. Play an alien rock band of kitten pirates lost in space. · By SpreadShot

Launching Mac build issue Sticky

A topic by SpreadShot created Feb 14, 2017 Views: 110 Replies: 1
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I wanted to let everyone know that I'm aware now of an issue opening the Mac build. There seems to be a bug with the latest version of the game engine I use and how it signs Mac applications.

I can roll back to a previous engine version and export the build but that will introduce some bugs. But now that the game has started selling I can afford to pay for an Apple Developer account and properly sign Mac apps the way Apple likes it which means I can use the most current version of the engine.

However setting up the paperwork for the Apple Developer account will take a few days so I will ask for your patience in getting this handled. Doing this will ensure the game will work the same way on all platforms going forward.

Again, I apologize to those who just purchased the game for Mac. I am making this my first priority and will be uploading a new build ASAP. Thanks.

Sorob Raissi

Hi everyone!

I've resolved the issue with the Mac build crashing. And since I've signed the app you shouldn't get any warnings from Gatekeeper (besides those that tell you that you downloaded from the internet, but you knew that already).

If you download the new version (v0.436) the game should now startup fine. Let me know if there are other issues here and report any bugs! Thank you all for your patience!