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Error Message

A topic by Izarallia created Nov 26, 2019 Views: 217 Replies: 8
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Playing the new version from scratch.  Error message in the house above Ari's house the day after we first arrive there.  In the basement while fighting the second rat (After looting the chest and equipping the boots and the ring from upstairs).  


Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'refresh' of undefined


LAMB_Map.js : 13

I went back and fought the rats again without looting the boots.  I fought the second rat (the one on the far left side) first and then the on on the right side second.  Right as I defeated the rat on the right side the same error message came up. 

Just to add its popping up in the zone above where Ari's house is as well.  Same error and it happens right after the second combat on a map. 

The error does not occur after accepting the cultist quest.  I was able to kill the rats without any problem after that. 


It's good that the new error messages are working as intended. I was able to find out more about this bug, it should be fixed in v1.10 which I'm uploading.

Hi. I just started to play the game, when suddenly an crash appeared. And it was written: "please make a screenshot of this error and report it to the devs.". Soooo: i was searching for like 15 minutes now where i could make some reports to. Is there some a bit more specific adress, where the devs want their screenshots send to?


You can send it to, but posting here is ok too.

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I hope, this is ok?


Ok, I should be able to fix that, thanks