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An Aspie Life OUT

A topic by enderlost_studios created Feb 12, 2017 Views: 137
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A Aspie Life has been published to!

"We all are human" You.

"An Aspie Life" deals with the topic of Asperger's syndrome. The whole game is centered around living with this disability. Every conversation, every noise recreates how autistic people see the world. Nothing in the gameplay of this game is a joke, all forms of noise, graphics and interactions are intentional.

Your mission as the player is to survive doing some normal everyday tasks. The main aim is to keep all health / emotion meters at max. the levels in the meters decides the ending.


In An Aspie Life you the player must follow the outlined routine... But I never said it was easy! From shopping to gaming all events impact your day. You must decide what is the correct decision is that will keep you as happy as can be.