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Can we speed things up?

A topic by Speed2 created Feb 11, 2017 Views: 309 Replies: 4
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The time it takes from selecting to plant plants, to the plant actually being planted it very long (relatively). If you won't speed that process up, would you explain why you would not let such a thing be implemented?

Also, could you let us speed up time so that we can see things happen faster or even let us skip a day so that we just see what happens starting the next day. Again, if you won't implement that, would you explain why you would not let such a thing be implemented?

It seems like all that I do is just spam spawning plants for hours on end. I know that I need more plants than and herbivors and more herbivors than carnivors but it is pretty boring just making hundreds if not thousands of plants.

If I don't spawn plants the plant population goes down and as such the whole ecosystem will collapse.


Speeding up time is too computationally expensive, you would need a super computer to run the simulation faster than real time.

A lot of other games like this don't actually model individual behaviours and physics, it's based on statistics and probability. Which is why they can be sped up.

I've tweaked the model so that generations don't last very long to try and speed up the effect of evolution.

The game is meant to be subdued and relaxing, the pacing is part of that design. It's not for everyone for sure.

Make sure your plants are spread out, they compete with each other for resources. I usually spend the first day just letting the plants get established before introducing herbivores. (While I'm building collectors and research stations). As you unlock the plant genes you can try and design more robust ones.

Okay, I understand and thank you for replying to both of my posts.