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More complex river (system)s?

A topic by samdkatz created 11 days ago Views: 109 Replies: 2
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I love all the complex city layouts this took can create! My one complaint is that when the "river" option is enabled, there's exactly one river, and it is the same width throughout the map. This is pretty uncommon in real life. Would it be possible for rivers to change width, especially widening as they approach coasts? Also, would it be possible to have multiple streams, perhaps running into one another? Cities are sometimes at the confluence of a few smaller creeks as they join into a major river. I think there are tools that already exist to generate river systems like this, so maybe they could be integrated or otherwise used.


Yes, rivers in MFCG need a revamp. With the way how they currently work I can spawn multiple rivers and with minor modifications I can make them merge to create tributaries, distributaries etc, but varying widths are impossible. After I finish remaking streets/districts, new rivers will probably be my next big front of work.


Excellent. Thank you!