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OTHER: Her Loving Embrace [DEMO]

A stylish turn-based RPG/action platformer hybrid. · By Pringle

Regarding the Fallacy of the Filesave

A topic by UnreasonableCaplet created 95 days ago Views: 51
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Heyo! Firstly, I just wanted to say that I've been having a lot of fun with the demo- I think the game is a hoot and a half, and I'm eager to play the full version on release.

That being said, I think that there is something majorly busted in the demo: your game files aren't persistent. Basically, in my experience, if I had a save file with some progress in it and I closed the game program, all of the save data would vanish, and I wouldn't be able to resume from the nearest campfire- I always have to reset from the start. This is a little bit silly, given that save data is probably supposed to be persistent between game sessions. It's also a royal pain in the likely event that the game crashes after 2 hours of play.

The funniest part is that I know that other parts of the game's data are saved- namely, some of my settings (such as having hit-numbers enabled, which is not the case by default) will persist between game sessions/game crashes. So there's probably just a small error in the code that's allowing other aspects of the game to be saved, just not the one thing you'd desperately want saved: your progress.

Anyways, I'll stop harping on the demo. I know it's buggy- but I think that having a robust save system would really help with debugging so that people would be able to mess with later areas and scout for errors without the fear of losing everything to a random crash. (Also, I haven't seen any major complaints about this yet, so perhaps it's an isolated incident. But, given that it's a problem that I've encountered on two different downloads of the demo, I think it's not just a fluke.)

Hopefully, one of the devs might see this and give it a look, as it would make things a lot nicer. Keep up the good work!

EDIT: Not sure why, but after my most recent crash, the game actually did manage to return to a previous save, so it seems inconsistent. I'll add more edits as I get more crashes.