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Mac and Linux Sticky

A topic by Dasius created Feb 10, 2017 Views: 5,026 Replies: 41
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DO MAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET A MAC AND MAKE A VERSION FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



How about chill the hell down.

Mac's aren't exactly Gaming computers... And the ones that are of decent to good+ quality to *MAKE* games on, aren't specifically "cheap" either.

If you want a Mac version any quicker than it comes which may not be for quite some time still, if you're lucky... Then A) buy them a(several) high quality Macs and B) hire them some additional workers to convert the game over to Mac.

And you'll need to get high-quality workers as well as pay them enough to not burden/sass or otherwise impede Dasius's interest or work on the game.


Don't support mac lol

Mac users need to understand this one thing: "You have a mac" therefore you cannot play games save for flash games in browser (exaggeration) and begging for support on your OS will be time wasted because the percentage of mac users is trivial compared to the windows and linux users.

Also bear in mind this is a small project and the team can obviously not afford to build on mac, and to be honest why would you because the return might not even be enough to warrant building for mac and even if it is then your game has that mac label added to it so it doesn't look nice anymore.

In conclusion mac users need to learn that "They have a mac" and so cannot play games effectively without them looking like the original Doom. The users on a mac should, rather than take to the forums to complain about the lack of mac support, get out there and earn some money and purchase a windows rig able to run this game (doesn't need to be all powerful) because it is small you can even run it on a laptop.

luv y'all ;)

I think you are forgetting the types of people who are playing this game. Most likely, some of the people who are playing this game are probably on the younger side still using their parents computers. Or, in my case, college students. In both cases, we cant just go out and get a sufficient amount of money that we can afford to spend on a windows machine. Yes, I do agree that a mac build shouldn't be within the highest of priority right now. But you should at least think of the reasons as to why people are using a mac instead of a windows machine. (Also as a side note, I know a mac machine is more expensive than a windows computer so the college argument might not make sense, but my school requires us to buy a mac through them. And also my mac laptop can run games pretty well so...)

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This game is rad. I have a couple pcs, my favorite runs linux, no big deal because I can play it on my windows machine np, but making this run on Linux would be rad. Just wanted to say good job, regardless if it goes anywhere other than windows or not. But seriously  Linux would be rad lol. Also I'm aware how late this post is but still good job.

Any new developments for Mac?

> Regarding Linux users, thankfully, the Unreal Engine 4 is able to build for Linux. I'll try to release a Linux build for the next update (0.0.7)

And no mentions since. Except for ignored one from Smellyman. It's already 0.1.0, by the way.

Last update was in August 7 '18. Is development still in progress? The game looks like fun, and I would gladly play it if Linux port is being released.

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