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Steam Marines 2

Steam Marines 2 - a steampunk tactics game · By WorthlessBums

Some feedback

A topic by LiamD created Nov 20, 2019 Views: 253 Replies: 3
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During my first mission, it wasn't clear what my objective was. It might have told me before going into a derelict ship, but I forgot. Seems there's no way to bring up the objective in-mission?

Bug: When a turn event appears, if your mouse is over a tile the tile info won't go away so it's hard to read the turn event.

Possible bug: If you toggle overlays off and switch unit, they come back up - quite annoying.

The tile overlay also feels like it's constantly in the way, perhaps give it a dedicated area in a corner?

It's not entirely clear often why I can't shoot an enemy. I can see them, my unit has attacks left, they have line of fire but the button does nothing. I assume it's their range, but there's nothing to indicate it.

When targetting an enemy, is there a hotkey to switch the body part (other than the UI button)?


Hey, Liam.

Yeah that's a known issue and it comes up a bit with the nested/modal UI menus. I'm working on a systemic fix for that, it's unfortunately not as easy as it might seem on its face.

I haven't been able to reproduce the overlays coming back up after switching units - I'll take a closer look. This is on the Linux build, right?

Do you mean the tile tooltip, specifically for the Commander marine? It is a bit large. I might shunt it into a corner or screen edge, or make it toggleable like the overlays.

All units do have a sight range that can exceed their maximum targeting range and that's intended.

When an enemy is already targeted, the rotate camera hotkeys (Q and E by default) switch between subtargets.

Yeah, this is on the Linux build. As for the tooltip, the one that states ammo and such.
For the range then, is there a way to actually see it? It would probably be quite helpful to show the range on the tiles when you click the button?


Oh, are you referring to the door tooltips? Is your Commander marine Support class? I thought you were referring to floor tiles and space strikes when controlling the Commander.

There's currently no way to visually see how far marines can fire. I'm not saying this won't be implemented, but there are a few edge cases where this might not be desirable, like if firing range exceeds sight range - complicated because these two are measured differently. I'll think on this, though, thanks for bringing it up.

As a general sort of notion marine class weapons have ranges that approximate their relative real life counterparts, e.g. shotguns will have less range than long rifles.