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Fervent Descent (Working Title)

A topic by dan.marchand created Feb 09, 2017 Views: 152 Replies: 2
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Fervent Descent (Working Title) Devlog

Alpha test build:

Fervent Descent takes the very basic core of a turn-based roguelike and merges it with a speed game.

Take control of one of a handful of unique characters and try to make your way down into the ruins of an old cursed castle. Collect treasure, defeat monsters, and upgrade your abilities along the way. Quickly clearing each single-screen stage and not taking damage grant bonus points which can be used to purchase further upgrades. Honing your skill in the earlier stages will pay dividends as you come face-to-face with some of the tougher monsters and bosses deeper within the ruins.

Currently the game is in a working alpha state with 10 floors, 2 boss fights, 5 monsters, and one player class.


(Art was licensed from


Recent changes/fixes:

  • Fixed the bug that caused JS error alerts on death
  • Redid the score and upgrade screens after each level
  • Improved world 2's boss fight a bit
  • Added a real Game Over screen

Here's a gif of the current version of world 2's boss:

(1 edit)


  • Redid the spell/ability system to be more in-line with the speedy nature of the game
  • Misc UI improvements
  • Added "Magic" upgrade path to the upgrade UI. Increases your overall magic proficiency, including mana/mana regen/spell strength
  • When Magic is upgraded, spells level up. Spells that level up tend to have their damage/healing/misc effects boosted
  • Spells have animations now
  • Fixed a bunch of misc bugs
  • Added support for multiple characters and a character select UI
  • Added combat animations

New spell animation:

New combat animation:

New character select UI:


New upgrades UI: