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Spicy Tanks Alpha

A hilarious physics based tank game · By zulubo

Did a Let's Play for the demo!

A topic by nanaki254 created Feb 08, 2017 Views: 469 Replies: 3
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This demo was interesting, and I like the variety of tanks. I could not find where that hallway was though that was in the banner on the page though. I liked the race track and hope to see more stuff in the future, like destructable elements, more race tracks, more maps, etc.


Sorry about the hallway! That was just an environment I created for the trailer, but I plan on adding lots more maps with a variety of settings.

I'm guessing the Hi Samantha is an easter egg or am I wrong


Yes i did also enjoy the game and look forward to more features! I have also recorded content for this due to go online on Valentine's day xD