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I totally forgot about it, but I finally linked my video to the press link area!

Created a new topic New Bug - FPS drop

Hi, I wanted to do another let's play with the most recent update, however when i tried recording, there was a sudden FPS drop in game. My capture said it was still recording at 60 fps, but everything in the game felt slow, even the beginning quick cutsecne. I don't know what would be causing it, since I didn't have an issue previously. It seems fine when I reload the game, but then it slows down again one I get into playing it.

If I didn't record, the game would play just fine. So I wouldn't call this a major bug, but just wanted to mention it.

hm. I might have to do that next time I attempt the mission.

I think i would have been fine if I didn't explore so far out when it was night time xD

I love the game so far! I like that you can more or less do what you want right off at the start. I might play more of this in the future and do more videos. I also can't believe that this was made in RPG maker. I also really like the soundtrack! Really fits the setting!

Created a new topic My Let's Play of this game!

Overall, I love the game, even though I failed due to losing my bearings at night and ran out of oxygen lol. I'll probably make more videos in the future in endless mode, or maybe even completing the mission. It took me way too long to find out i can dig up rocks but that's on me.

Created a new topic My Let's Play of this game!

I really like this game! There's a lot of areas to explore, as well as a lot of nook and crannies. I like the color scheme and the art style. Everything about this game that I experienced was just pleasant.

I like the level changes, though I wish there was an option to choose the older tracks. The cloud of death was interesting and I like that there are walls that you can bounce out of. There was a big bug for me at the very beginning where I couldn't even select the options and had to go into the 'Play' option. Mouse controls while selecting ships were funky as well. I don't remember if that was an issue before. I didn't know how to get more charges (I assume through eliminations), which I think the tutorial would have explained it if I had the ability to go there. Other than that, it seems solid so far and I like the graphical changes! I just wish I could choose the old as well as the new tracks.

awesome! Can't wait to try the updated version when it's released.

I saw in the trailer that you could shoot things, however I couldn't find the button to shoot. Is that in a future/previous build? Other than that, I liked this game! Really challenging. I like that if you lose a wing, you can still continue, albeit at a disadvantage. The music was sweet and I like the aesthetics!

I really liked the aesthetics to this game! It's so awesome and challenging, but not frustrating. Would definitely recommend it!

Loved the game! I like the silliness and the randomness. Lot of replayability I believe. I also like that you can choose between a powerup or a minion which could lead to different kinds of playstyles.

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My Let's Play before my wall of text:

First thing is that I really liked this demo! Reminded me of Zelda and everything was solid for the most part. I can't wait for the changed music, even though the soundtrack sounds nice as is right now. There should be an asterisk on full controller support in my opinion since it wouldn't run when I plugged my controller in and had to use a 360 emulator.
I also ran into a few bugs:
When I tried to run past the spikes the first time, I was stopped like there was an invisible wall as the spikes went down, like I couldn't run too early or something.
There was another issue during the puzzle where I pushed a block all the way to the left wall. I tried pushing the block up but it acted like it was stuck so I would have to push the block back the other way so it would have room to move.
Other than that, I had no issues (the controller thing at the beginning was my own fault, not the game). I wonder what the finished product will look like since it has a lot of potential.

I love this game! It's a fresh take on the jigsaw puzzle genre (at least for me), and I like that all the pieces are different, as well as the puzzle borders. The music is nice, and the art/aesthetics are great as well.

This game is pretty awesome :) I love the art style, the music, and the increasing scale of difficulty. I felt that the progression was great. Controlling the dogs was easy as well. Overall very cute and very fun!

I like this game a lot! The colors remind me of Risk of Rain, and since I'm kind of bad with shmups in general, the difficulty was about as hard as Risk of Rain. I also like the music and art! The controls are solid and the game is overall pretty fun to play.

I really like this game! However in the demo, I ran into a bug where I blackscreened after trying to continue after I died. Everything else was solid though. I didn't get stuck in the game, and the controls were fine for keyboard. I also liked the art and music. Hopefully the game gets Greenlit!

huh I didn't know they had an option. Signed up!

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really fun game and I like the color scheme a lot! Controls are solid and the idea behind this is really neat. Apologies for the weird pauses once in a while in the video, i clicked outside the window, since I played it in windowed mode, and the game paused lol

Created a new topic Did a Let's Play for the demo!

This demo was interesting, and I like the variety of tanks. I could not find where that hallway was though that was in the banner on the page though. I liked the race track and hope to see more stuff in the future, like destructable elements, more race tracks, more maps, etc.

I loved this demo! Can't wait for the full version on steam! The levels are short but there is the replayability factory in trying to get the fastest time, as well as finding the secrets. Controls are fine and I like the art style a lot!

(Same review on both Gamejolt and itch.io)
Here's a let's play of the demo I did, before my wall of feedback:

Overall I thought the game was really solid, and really interesting in the fact that I had to use the rails to survive and avoid opponents. I saw the log so I'm going to briefly comment on those things. The AI as is, is fine I believe. Although a way to select difficulty would be nice (which I understood as the improved AI part). I agree with changing the art style. Sometimes it was hard to differentiate what was my ship and what was the background. Individually they looked pretty cool, but it can get hard to see when it gets intense. The mouse and keyboard controls were fine in my opinion. They were responsive and I had no issues with them overall. If anything, I would want to add in a mouse sensitivity or something, since it is kind of hard to accurately snipe when it feels like it is super sensitive. Also I would add something in the controls menu to show what the keys do on the keyboard/mouse configuration, instead of just showing the xbox controller mapping.

Now for the things that weren't mentioned in the log. I mentioned this at the start of the let's play, but when you play it in a windowed mode, and even at the beginning when you select the resolution, the top of the window says "Love Letter Prototype." I'm sure this can easily be fixed, but I just wanted to point that out. Another thing that could be improved is the ability to use your ship as a sniper bullet. I love the idea, and using it is fine, however I would like to suggest that the beam color when fully charged match the color of the player. As it is now, every beam has the same color, so when multiple ships are near each other and they all do the warp, things can get confusing (at least to me). I also found it weird that the tutorial map isn't the same map as 'Tutorialopolis.' It's not a bad thing, I just thought that a map with a name like that would be the map for the tutorial.

Now for the good! I loved the variety of levels. Will there be an editor in the far future? I could see people creating their own levels as well as playing on the bunch that came with the demo. I also liked the music. It fits pretty well I think. I also like the variety of ships, though I wonder if more will be added in as it gets updated. I can see a lot of potential for this.

Here's my let's play before my wall of text review:

I really liked this game. I said it in the video, but it is really solid for an alpha build. I have some nitpicks though. Will the objects be destroyable in the future by the main character? In my second attempt, I accidentally trapped myself and rescue came but I couldn't leave since I was trapped. I also didn't like that a white square was the icon of the thing I was going to put down, because people could get confused if they hit another thing by accident and placed something they didn't want to place. I don't know if it will be changed later on, but I suggested like a semi transparent version of the item I am going to place so there is a visual cue of what I am placing. I was kind of lost in my first run, but that's because I overlooked some things from the itchio page. Like I didn't know that the yellow number was the available power until later on. However that's just me overlooking things. When everything blew up at the end of my first run, it gave me a little jumpscare since I wasn't really expecting that to happen lol. There also seems to be a bug where rescue arrives, and I am stuck so I can't get to the rescue, and the timer kept going after it hit 0 and went to negative times. I have no idea what's on the list for future updates, but I just wanted to point things out.

Onto the positives: I really like the idea of building your own base and defending against waves of things, waiting for rescue. I also like the music. I didn't get bored of it, and it fits the game in my opinion. The controls are solid and responsive, and overall I liked it. A really good demo (despite my nitpicks) and I enjoyed it a lot! It has a lot of potential and can't wait for future versions!

I liked this game! I even tried for a while after the recording getting a better score. If this gets expanded upon, I would love to see more levels. I havent seen a mechanic like this in a racing game before so it was a fresh take on things.

I liked this game a lot! The level didn't go on for too long, the controls were solid, and the music was nice. One nitpick though is that I had no idea how to activate the powerups at first and had to experiment to find out what key would use them. Other than that, it was a fun game to play!

I really liked this demo! I hope that there are more options when the full game is released, like resolutions. I would also like to see a zoom function to see all the small details. I really like the music, but I hope there will be more of a variety in the full version. I also like the variety of difficulty! Not too hard, not too easy. Everything just fits so well together in my opinion.

I felt that the difficulty was fine at the beginning, but it progressively got easier (due to the better structures). Overall, it was an interesting game and a different take on the turret defense genre! I liked it, and I think that if you are going to improve this in the future, maybe add more variety to the waves, rather than just increase speed. However as it is right now, given the time limitation, it is a fine game.

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This game is really interesting! I like the use of color and that white means death. I chose the wrong settings on obs though so it only recorded in 720p. The game is really pretty and vibrant, and the controls are solid. I don't know if there is any backstory other than the description, but I enjoyed it.

A very simple, yet challenging game! I wish there were sound effects, but it still is pretty fun regardless. I love how everything looks, and there is a lot of variety in the donuts!

I really like the concept, but like I said in the video, my nitpick is the control scheme. I tried this out on the keyboard and it didn't use the traditional WASD movement, but rather Z was forward, S was backward, Q was strafe left, and D was strafe right. There was no options to reconfigure, as pressing escape did nothing. Other than that, I really liked the puzzles, and I hope for a gradual increase in difficulty in future updates. The music was pretty nice, and I like the graphics. It reminded me of Antichamber and I don't really see an art decision like that too often. Can't wait for more!

Tried the game out and I really like the concept of changing the story around with the cards. Could lead to a lot of possibilities! I don't know how it's rhythm based though, but that could just be my lack of dodging skills. That's just my own personal nitpick, but I really liked the game! Can't wait to see more of this!

A really interesting concept. Can't wait to see more! I don't know if the ability to skip certain puzzles was intended though as I accidentally skipped the male/female door one and went straight to the set of 6 doors on my first go.

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It didn't hit me until after I recorded, but were the collectibles blue on purpose? Because I realized that it could be a reference to the Matrix about the blue pill (as well as what I talked about in the video). I LOVED this game, and I would like to see more like this! I loved the music, the story, and the choice at the end. It could be fleshed out a little more, but it did its job for what it was, and it did its job very well. I highly recommend it!

This game is pretty fun! I got stuck later on, but that's because I ran out of time and didn't try a lot of options. I was so sure that my original method would work lol. Despite my failure at that stage, I like the concept and I like the various ways of interacting with the plane - it's not just the fans but the vents, windows, and other things as well!

Solid controls, though it took me a small while of getting used to it. One small thing was that when you rotated in a certain way where the colors overlap, it looks like it might mix because the colors blend together. It's just a small personal issue though. I thought the game was pretty challenging and fun!

Loved the demo. Controls were really responsive, and I like that there are almost limitless possibilities for custom tracks. I also like the fact that you can have up to 50 ai opponents! Music was great as well.

This game was really strange, but really interesting at the same time. I wish I could have recorded more, but I didn't keep track of time that day I recorded. I like the music, the references, and the various locations!

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I really like the concept and that the difficulty increases at a fair pace. I messed up a few times but that was due to my haste of trying to get rid of certain objects first at the wrong places. Would totally recommend it to people that love puzzle games!

This game was really fun and the dialogue was funny! I can't wait for the full game to be released. I also liked that you don't really have to be a monster, and I look forward to the multiple ways of messing things up, which could lead to different kinds of trophies!

I LOVE this game. It's so peaceful and very relaxing. The background music is great, and the island is pretty large so I keep finding something new every time I fly around.