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You have to get to a certain score before the time ends. I think it was 91 for me.

A fun and short game! Interesting name choice though.

Loved the demo! The art was very unique and the music was great! Even the whole world felt really unique.

It's a pretty neat puzzle game and I like that there are new puzzles daily to add to the replayability to it. I would have liked to have some background music, but that is just a minor thing. The core gameplay of it is pretty great in my opinion.

Really interesting game! Weird how the landing was very finnicky on the first level but fine on the ones after that. Loved the art and everything was solid!

I loved it! I wished there was more though, maybe different cases and whatnot. It's pretty funny and it reminds me of old school games like Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. Really awesome!

I love the game, the concept, and all the throwbacks in this and Emily is Away 2, but there is something that has been nagging me and I haven't seen any mention about it so i don't know if it's just me or what.

The thing is that I keep seeing "Enily" in the cursive on the post it note on this and Emily is Away 2 because of how cursive n looks when you write it out compared to m.
This is not a knock on the game as i liked it a lot, like I said before. It's just a small nitpicky thing.

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I saw the word fragments on the phone, but I couldn't find the proper order, but maybe it was something simple that was right in front of me that I just overlooked or something. It was still a great experience :)

Like After School, I loved the art and the ambience of this game! I got stuck at the mouth puzzle, because my Japanese is very rusty lol. Other than that, I loved it!

I feel like this has potential! Didn't know what the timer was at first but I found out later. I would love that the gem count would save over so you can do better in the next run, but as is, it seems pretty fun so far! Love how it looks and the procedurally generated stuff.

Really interesting and a real meta game! I was pleasantly surprised at all the layers of this game. It's really easy to dismiss this game from the beginning, but it gets really deep. No idea how long the game is, but it was very interesting!

Wow I didn't know this was on itchio, otherwise I would have posted my Let's Play here as well as on indiegamestand xD
I really loved the art and the story was pretty interesting as well. I didn't really expect what what would happen. It was also one of the first games that got me to do my Interesting Games playlist :D

Interesting! I found a few bugs though. I wished the stores had something in them rather than just nothing. Neat game to play!

I like the combination of simcity + clicker game! Also the music was really nice. There were a lot of tracks and it never feels old. Can't wait to see more features!

Part 2 is up! I play the spiral level:

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The first part is just me going through the tutorial. I do a level on my own on another video that will be up and posted tomorrow! I like that it adds something new to the turret defense genre, at least from my experience. Really interesting concept.

I feel like I only scratched the surface on my let's play, but it was an interesting experience so far! I have no idea how to get to the random objects seen in the preview, but I think it would eventually be revealed how.

It was a fun and quirky game! There was one problem I had and it would fade to black, but it doesn't show a screen again, but I kept hearing things dying to my sword like the game was still continuing. I like that the controls are simple, but because it's only two keys, it adds a layer of difficulty to it that would otherwise be pretty easy.

This game is really fun! I like how the difficulty increases gradually. It doesn't get too hard too fast in my opinion. I also like the music and the varied soundtrack. Lot of replayability, especially with endless mode.

It has potential! I like experimental sandbox area, and the little town (though I hope more stuff would be added to each in the future). I wonder if more locations are planned in the future, since it would be cool to see different types of settings. There was one bug though - I couldn't really die. My health would go down and when it went to 0, it went to the negatives. Can't wait to see more of this game!

I did another let's play! This time it's for some levels in Chapter 2 (so not from the demo)

I noticed something though, that the arrows don't show up to go into a pipe when you are next to the pipe. Was that intended? I could click on the pipe and it would go through just fine, but I thought it was weird that there was no arrow indication that could tell me otherwise.

It has a lot of potential! I like that it is really vibrant and that it's a really big world. Can't wait to see more!

I totally forgot about it, but I finally linked my video to the press link area!

MewnBase community · Created a new topic New Bug - FPS drop

Hi, I wanted to do another let's play with the most recent update, however when i tried recording, there was a sudden FPS drop in game. My capture said it was still recording at 60 fps, but everything in the game felt slow, even the beginning quick cutsecne. I don't know what would be causing it, since I didn't have an issue previously. It seems fine when I reload the game, but then it slows down again one I get into playing it.

If I didn't record, the game would play just fine. So I wouldn't call this a major bug, but just wanted to mention it.

hm. I might have to do that next time I attempt the mission.

I think i would have been fine if I didn't explore so far out when it was night time xD

I love the game so far! I like that you can more or less do what you want right off at the start. I might play more of this in the future and do more videos. I also can't believe that this was made in RPG maker. I also really like the soundtrack! Really fits the setting!

Overall, I love the game, even though I failed due to losing my bearings at night and ran out of oxygen lol. I'll probably make more videos in the future in endless mode, or maybe even completing the mission. It took me way too long to find out i can dig up rocks but that's on me.

I really like this game! There's a lot of areas to explore, as well as a lot of nook and crannies. I like the color scheme and the art style. Everything about this game that I experienced was just pleasant.

I like the level changes, though I wish there was an option to choose the older tracks. The cloud of death was interesting and I like that there are walls that you can bounce out of. There was a big bug for me at the very beginning where I couldn't even select the options and had to go into the 'Play' option. Mouse controls while selecting ships were funky as well. I don't remember if that was an issue before. I didn't know how to get more charges (I assume through eliminations), which I think the tutorial would have explained it if I had the ability to go there. Other than that, it seems solid so far and I like the graphical changes! I just wish I could choose the old as well as the new tracks.

awesome! Can't wait to try the updated version when it's released.

I saw in the trailer that you could shoot things, however I couldn't find the button to shoot. Is that in a future/previous build? Other than that, I liked this game! Really challenging. I like that if you lose a wing, you can still continue, albeit at a disadvantage. The music was sweet and I like the aesthetics!