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Nuclear Throne Together

An online multiplayer mod for Nuclear Throne. · By YellowAfterlife

Transfering NTT Save Files from one computer to the other

A topic by ketchupmuss created 17 days ago Views: 36 Replies: 2
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So i've been enjoying NuclearThroneTogether a lot and the save file I have at the moment is on my laptop. Now i want to play it on my gaming PC.

Is there a way for me to transfer the save file on my laptop to my PC? If it helps, the Nuclear Throne game im using is from EpicGames.

I've tried the Migrate Save Files from the online forum but it only works on my laptop. I cant seem to load anything on the PC

This is my first time modding so im not sure how to do these things



NTT save file is NuclearThroneTogether.sav in the save directory (%LOCALAPPDATA%/nuclearthrone)

I copied and pasted the local app data and it worked! Thanks for replying and helping me out