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What do you think should add in the game Raft?

A topic by TheDev created Feb 07, 2017 Views: 485 Replies: 6
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My opinion would be to add bed that give you skip the night, some extra settings and more construction. Says some things that should be added to the game. This game is super, more support for developer! :D


I feel like an (expensive) way to keep the sharks away would be a nice thing to work towards.


1: A roof option made of thatch and rope.
2: Walls also used as support for the floor above, but just the block area it touches.

These are some very good ideas.

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Hi!I play RAFT ago few weeks.Is very cool this game.One idea would be to add in this game Duck option and Jumping.A other idea is to add in this game few islands(generating on ocean)for take some new materials and live on it.Thanks for listening me.Thi ideas is for my friend MaxINFINITE

My friend canal on YouTube:MaxINFINITE.Sorry for my english im Roumanian

Steel plates with 200 hit points and so the shark would bite and leave, maybe leaving a tooth behind.
Every bite would take 5 hit points, so it would last 40 times.

A backpack to help hold stuff, but takes up an inventory slot

To add to the survival side of the game, shade should be something you can build so you don't dehydrate as quickly.