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[Programmer][Artist] For 2D MMORPG with Fast-Paced Action PvP Combat

A topic by snarlynarwhal created Feb 07, 2017 Views: 247
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My name is PJ Legendre. My teammate Peter Milko and I are looking for programmers and pixel artists/animators to work on an mmorpg with us.

About the Game
We're working on 2D top-down rogue-like MMORPG that focuses on PvP. Think The Legend of Zelda NES meets Realm of the Mad God meets RuneScape's Wilderness. We have already prototyped the the fundamental networked gameplay.

About the Team
We co-founded the indie game studio which released Blacksea Odyssey, and currently do technical contract work for the mmorpg Adventure Quest 3D. For AQ3D, we work with the project's lead software architect to design and development game tools and networked features.

We use Unity and .NET to develop the frontend WebGL client and the backend game servers. We use Orleans .NET to develop the distributed server architecture and game services. We use a NoSQL graph database called OrientDB for persistent storage.

Pitching Experience
We have experience pitching successfully to publishers, investors, and crowdfunding communities. Through our efforts we have attained over $50,000 in funding for past projects.

We can discuss revenue share and hourly pay immediately, but hourly pay won't come into effect until we earn it by securing an investment.

To chat more or schedule a Skype call, please email me at pjlegendreiv[at]gmail[dot]com.