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Magical Girls & Mecha

A game about magical girls and giant robots · By Margaret Catter

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A topic by Margaret Catter created 96 days ago Views: 254
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What is Magical Girls & Mecha exactly?

Exactly what it says on the box! Magical girls and mech robots! More to the point is is a semi larp semi forum rpg played on discord harkening back to the old roleplay blog rpgs of the eh old Livejournal days. I've been calling it a digital larp but that's just me making up words. 

What exactly is a digital larp?

Like I said I'm just making up words but when I use it I mean you only interact with the game as your character. You act out your characters goals in a solely digital setting, in this cause google docs and discord. 

How is that different from a Forum RPG? 

It's really not its just a combo of LARPing and play by post. Despite not being live action, it's live in the sense that it's always running. It also has a healthy dose of real time human moderation to keep everything on track and running smoothly.

How long does a game of  Magical Girls & Mecha last?

As long as it takes you to complete your mission and defeat or at least stop the invasion of the Once-From-Before. But again a more solid answer is it's up to you, your players and the GM to decide how long you want your game to go for.  In an ideal world where no one has other responsibilities and time commitments it would last a year with you "playing" three times a week. 

How many players does Magical Girls & Mecha support?

Base of 5 with one GM and then one mod for every five more players added to the game. 

When will it be out?

As someone wiser and wittier than I once said "Deadlines are for fools and gods and I am neither". For a more solid answer since I am y ou know asking for money and support, it should be out at the latest baring life events by February. If all goes well end of December a play testable version should be out into the world. 

Post your questions about the game here and I'll answer them as we go.