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Broke the water cannon truck? What now?

A topic by IER0 created Nov 13, 2019 Views: 154 Replies: 1
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hey there! Idk if I’ve missed something or if my computer’s being weird, but I can’t figure out what to do after busting up the armored truck and breaking the liquor store windows. The fire icon makes me think I have to do something with the alcohol, but I can’t figure it out and I can’t hurt the riot shield folks, either.

Thanks in advance! The game is super charming so far!


Hey! Glad you're liking it :D

Later on in the game you get access to the ability to light liquor bottles on fire, and you can use them to destroy the water cannons! But at this point, you should be able to get past the riot police by throwing stuff at them :)

Hope that helps!