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Break Chance Memento

a VN about family bonds across time · By Cyanide Tea

What did I miss?

A topic by dono009 created Feb 03, 2017 Views: 503 Replies: 1
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I know I'm kinda late in playing this game, but it is sooo... splendid. After I played it, now I wish I had an older brother. Thanks so much for developing such a heartwarming game and story. Masaharu and Yukinari are definitely my faves *O*

Either way, as much as I have played this game numerous times, I seem to still seem to miss several things; one CG, the 8th in General, two mementos; one below Chiaki's homework and one below Yukinari's dolphin plush doll and apparently one music in the music box. I think I've gone through all the choices but I don't see anything else new. I also happen to suspect that Shuuki can go to the kitchen and the bridge upon his first memento hunting in multiple places is not for nothing...

so... please help or a clue at least? I'm restless XD

Developer (1 edit)

Have you tried looking through the official guide? There's a list that explains what you need to find each memento and CG, so that should help if you're stuck!

Also, we're super glad you're enjoying the game!