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For a short game this is so cute and fun. Ethan is very hot and handsome. If only he and Dave ended up as actual boyfriends though...

You should make this as a comedy, full length game :D

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Ooooh... I actually work nearby but I didn't even realize XD

Yup, I've seen that one. The first installment right? I plan to give it a try this weekend while keep an eye on other VNs. I guess I'm in dire need of entertainment :p

I take it you're a mystery enthusiast as well, no?

I think you must have been the very first Indonesian VN creator I've met. I haven't really played the first Nusantara since this is the first one that I found, but I gotta say I'm already interested. Even if it's still in progress, everything about it is already interesting. Love the UI design and characters, and I'm pretty much curious about the story. I really would love to support you when I can. Wish you luck!

Speaking of which, is there really Jalan Hakim in Jakarta? If so, I haven't found it let alone been there eheh

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I think for the characters for you can just, you know, in addition to more expressions, you could also give them other poses. They look kinda static with only their facial expression that changes

I'm looking forward for more Dozer though. I also think he could use a little bit more or less drama or conflict :3

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I know I'm kinda late in playing this game, but it is sooo... splendid. After I played it, now I wish I had an older brother. Thanks so much for developing such a heartwarming game and story. Masaharu and Yukinari are definitely my faves *O*

Either way, as much as I have played this game numerous times, I seem to still seem to miss several things; one CG, the 8th in General, two mementos; one below Chiaki's homework and one below Yukinari's dolphin plush doll and apparently one music in the music box. I think I've gone through all the choices but I don't see anything else new. I also happen to suspect that Shuuki can go to the kitchen and the bridge upon his first memento hunting in multiple places is not for nothing...

so... please help or a clue at least? I'm restless XD