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Hm... I like Balasque's design... must have been that long, draconic tail :3

I feel like there's an opportunity to add one more CG in Step 4. Specifically during the breakfast party at the Holden household. It would be really nice to see the whole cast in their glory. I haven't played the wedding DLC yet, but I hope there is a CG in it too

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Did you get that empty feeling when you finally finished the game? I did. I've come to see everyone like a real people 😥

I kinda wish when we choose to keep in touch with Derek in Step 3 there are occasions where Derek calls or texts though, other than during the beach picnic. That would be swell~

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The more I get to know Derek and his family, the more I like this guy. Probably even more than Cove (Sorry!)

While his story is not as much as Cove's I really enjoy it. I like how adorable he is and his family. They're so sweet and welcoming towards our character. One of the things I like when we get to know them all is that Liz has someone else to hangout with. I feel like while we have Cove in the main storyline, Liz practically only hangs out with Shiloh, until he's gone. And later, she has no one, considering we never really see her friends and Lee is not around that much. I feel like this is especially true when Nico said he couldn't talk to anyone about feeling left out as the last to grow up, but in this DLC, he got Liz too~

I'm pleasantly surprised how well Liz is getting along with Jorge and Nico, considering their only interaction is only in one Step 2 moment. It feels as if by being friends or dating Derek, Liz gets two more younger siblings (in addition to Cove). I really enjoy the trouble trio's antics~

I wish we get a little more about Derek though. While he does have a happy ending, part of his future remains unclear. Besides potentially moving away or in with us, he still doesn't know what he wants to do in his life, whether he wants to keep doing sports as a career or something else. And that worries me a bit about him

I know there's not going to be more Derek-related content, but I wish there is a little, additional further story after Step 4. Maybe an engagement or wedding too~

And also I feel like he and Baxter should have five CGs instead of four. Seems like a good number and I'm pretty sure there are a few scenes in Baxter DLC later that warrant one more additional CG. For Derek, I feel like there should be a CG for him in the waterpark

And if I may also offer one more suggestion, even if it's late, the waterpark could use some tweak. Maybe, instead of not being able to visit the place when we choose to help Mr. Suarez with his business luncheon, the final date could have Derek take us there (if we choose to date him since the beginning of Step 4)? So that it feels like there's a reward for helping his dad. And Derek instead take us to boardwalk if we choose to go to waterpark first and not starting as his partner since the beginning. I don't know, but I feel like it's more interesting that way

In general, I really like this DLC. And Derek as a person. Thanks!

me three!

Another horror VN that also happens to be a slice of life wth a scalie character? Sign me up please~

Mine would be:

1. Dozer
2. Darius
3. Spencer
4. Chester
5. Coach

I actually haven't started Coach's route, but my moral self told me I shouldn't romance my professor, it's inappropriate! D:

But you did name your character?

So... I'm not sure if it supposed to look like that, but in this scene, Chester's hands are overlapped with the bottom part of his costume, as if his costume is just attached on his sprites. Maybe his sprite costume could be tweaked a little?

A horror visual novel with non-animesque artstyle? I'm intrigued...

Also, I noticed something. I renamed my MC, but at the end of the game during the group hug, Titus called the MC by his default name, Guy. Maybe a minor error? I just think I should let you know

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I just finished it and really like this game. I know there's a warning that it is not meant to replace therapy, but the advice provided are very... profound. I wish it was longer though, maybe get to know the guys on a more personal level. Feels like their stories could be extended

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What's the difference between Degenerate and Wholesome?

I'm looking forward to hear more. I love paranormal/horror/mystery stories. And it's not everytime we have one with bara-style designs~

You consider about changing some things while you revamp things?

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This is a short and sweet story, but I'm a little bit sad for the unchosen one at the end :'3

I'm not sure if I missed something but it seems like it's never really explained who sent the letters and who the lawyer is. Is everything that happens courtesy of these two men?

I would love to see Machoke or Feraligatr here

Is this game still being worked on?

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Same. I played the older version before and I thoroughly enjoyed the story. Been planning to replay it only when it's complete in its entirety

For someone who doesn't like sports, Jorge sure is ripped :p

So... does this game have fully completed storyline already?

Oh my... I hope Draco is romanceable

Sounds like the story is relatable... to some extent

This sounds interesting... I'm following!

I wonder how dark (and sexy) the story is...

Gosh I can't decide who's to save for the last, Ben or Lou~

Oh nice. Good to hear. Do take your time though. If anything, I'm looking to see more of this VN :3

Danya is pretty handsome and hot that it's a criminal he's not a love interest X3

This seems interesting. Is this still being worked on?

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Hmmm... the guy in red shirt is hot. See if we can get to know him. I'm curious how the story goes though... :3

But I'm curious about the writing. Are you making it to be slice of life drama or comedy? Partially at least? The story summary makes me kinda think it to be somewhat comedic...

I'm looking forward to see more of what's coming and I hope you keep working on this. This VN seems interesting :D

Apparently even Philip is somewhat hunky now. I thought he was supposedly a nerd who found physical activity was not his cup of tea? Everyone is so hunky! D:

I guess gays really love muscles... I hope there's someone's more on the chubby side too...

So... is this still being worked on?

So... is this still being worked on?

And Scalies? 😍

Waaah I love dragons. Though I thought Henry was a love interest. I find it hard playing as someone hot 🤣

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I'm following this. I could use more LGBT horror/mystery VNs. And I like Sal already~

I think a lot of people would disagree with you there 😅

That being said, I hope they keep this Juuichi's design. I actually like this one better than the original. He just needs more expression/gesture sprites~

Ah... I hope this game is still being worked on. It's really interesting from what I've seen so far. I'd like to know more about what is Rylee doing and more time with George