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A horror sea-themed visual novel? I'm interested...

What about James? Is his route complete or is there a plan to expand his story?

Awww... from what I can tell, it seems James only has slave sex ending? Would be nice if he could end up as a boyfriend too...

And I wonder if McDough would appear any time soon?

Ooof... Maverick looks so devastatingly hot and handsome. As the embodiment of Lust, he certainly fits. But at the same time, I was hoping he was one of the love interests. I have a hard time relating myself to the main character if they happen to be hot, so I'll still pick Kosuke :p

Unless... Kosuke could romance him somehow heheh

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Well... in any case, I quite enjoy the demo so far. It's intriguing and mysterious. Aaron grabs my attention, but it's more because of who he really is. He can't be nonexistent in real prison life... can he? And for some reason he vaguely looks like a certain doctor...

Also, I just realized I already asked this question before, like months ago. So whoever downvotes it was probably annoyed... 

The only gay superhero novel that I know so far is Mister Versatile. You can see it here

So... is this still being worked on?

It's a good thing it's a game right? In real life, I'm sure hooking up with your roommate would give you a lot of drama😆

So who's the most popular guy among the fans so far?

Is Eddie a romance option? Like, actual romance option? 😍

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I wish Adam looks like the Disney version, since he doesn't look that beastly... but I guess it could be problematic. But it's been quite a fun, I especially like Eric and Zhang's storyline. And Christoff is endearingly dorky~

Edit: There are plenty of typos, but I guess it's not they're that bad to the point that I misunderstood them. And I feel like the MC overthinks too much to the point that he's staring a lot and all the characters have to call him out that he's staring. Too much. It's getting repetitive, actually. Even after getting to know these guys, he doesn't show much of character development. I guess I'm being nitpicky here, but it's a bit annoying

I'm missing Danny's third CG, and I have already seen all of his endings. How do I get that missing CG?

Is this game still being worked on?

Now this is something I can get behind. Take it easy with the workload~

Is the game completed?

Oh one more thing. I wonder if it's possible to get caught by [Redacted] during the heist, but still win the ballroom battle? I guess I just want to experience the best of both worlds. Sorry if the answer to that question would be too spoilery though

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I guess I could see Maria's hiding her emotions behind all that sass, but I don't know, that jail scene could have been an opportunity to show a side of Maria that she rarely shows, but oh well... And the ballroom duel/Messalina heist is my favorite scene in the game. Too bad the option which results in everyone struts their stuff ends up Toxic losing Messalina... or is there a way to win this way?

Also, Max looks slightly familiar the more I look at him. Is his facial features somewhat based on someone? A figure that probably only gay men would most likely know of?

Do I need to seduce the brother or step-dad first to get the bully notice me? I visit him everyday at college at 9, but since that first encounter, there's been nothing

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I guess I can see why people keep saying this game brings COOT to mind. It's very similar, but in terms of story, I think AMAP is much better and complex. It's significantly longer too I think. I just finished Evandro's route, but I feel like the other men will have similarly deep, complicated issues. Flawed love interests are quite interesting

Also, I notice you had multiple people working on the CGs since they all have different artstyles. Might be just me nitpicking but it bothers me a bit since one of these artstyles are closer to the characters' in-game sprites while others are not so much. And apparently just getting good ending is not enough to see all the CGs, considering I still have many Evandro CGs missing, and I don't know how to unlock those scenes. Makes a good replay value I guess, but it can be a little confusing

And I notice some of the NPCs have static, neutral expressions, like Dolores. Maria also doesn't have sad or worried expression, so when Evandro forced her hand when Max was arrested, her (sad, defeated) dialogues didn't match with her expression

But I really like this game. It's funny, it's heartwarming, and fun. Sexy, but not too sexy. I'm happy the game doesn't have the characters all perpetually horny, and it's also highly inclusive. Congrats~😁

P.S. Max is barely a twink; I think he's a hunk 🤣

Good luck! I'm curious how it goes 😁

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I wonder if there's a way to hold off being in someone's route. I've been avoiding Uncle, Sam, Hermano, but eventually Ethan ends up with Bearnie. Would be nice if there's a choice for Ethan to not tying the knot with anyone but still get to have fun with everybody else. Also, I've been more curious about finding out more about his powers and whether they have anything to do with excess horniness and animals' behavior...

And, man, after discovering the pleasure of masturbation, Ethan becomes extremely pervy... 🤣

This is a nice app for PMD fans~

A mystery visual novel about dinosaurs? Sign me up! Is this still being worked on?

Aww... I wish this game is still being worked on. I've enjoyed the story and the cast so far. There's not too many VNs centering around dinosaurs I think :( gay ass wants everyone to top 😂

Does anyone have a complete save file? I hope someone would be willing to share...

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I long to see this game completed. I like the story and mystery aspect in this VN. The characters are all charming too~

I see the game got new sprites since the last time I played. I notice Owen's no longer wearing his cross necklace

Hmmm... The reptile caught my interest

The premise seems interesting, Is there a demo available?

I'm hoping Eddie would be one of the romanceable guys... and gets to top once in a while :3

A gay horror story? Yes please~

Also... is Sal romanceable?

Even though this visual novel is relatively short, I think it still delivers a very good story. Lucius is charming, and Abigal is funny and witty. Their backstories are also quite sad and depressing

This visual novel has some of the most attractive UI I've ever seen. I like the elaborate frame that is shown throughout the game. Although I think this game could use a CG or two. I would be nice to show some of their most tender moments in a full glory that is CG~

Mofir looks so handsome here~

I do the same 😂

Because I usually play as myself, I find it hard to relate to if the MC is hot. He should have been a love interest too 🤣

I hope this game is still being worked on. In addition to the cat, I'm curious with the story. I haven't seen that many proper superhero themed visual novels

Huh... did Diego have a change in hairstyle?

Congrats for finally completing and releasing the game. So sorry for your anxiety attacks. I hope things are looking good from here and out. I will definitely give this a game a try. I'm curious how it goes

Take it easy with your future projects and wish you the best of luck~