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Soul Void - descent into mindfulness

A topic by Halloween Astronaut created 4 days ago Views: 18
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This game, has made my day. Playing it, felt like Halloween. At first, I was skeptic. Then, I have become a believer. Soul Void influences primarily with awe inspiring imagery, complemented by narration and interactive elements, making it a genuine work of interactive fiction, done retrostyle aesthetics. There is no soundscape or soundtrack of any kind, but the gravelike silence, appears most appropriate. What this game is about, is about a journey of a hero, a journey beginning at the rather shallow shores of the Shadowland, leading through the bowels of the Low Umbra and past the Horizon, reaching as far as the murky depths of the Deep Umbra, where the very notion of reality, depends only on what sediment of self has precipitated in your shell, continuously being washed away by the flux of perpetual entropy, until a tide of oblivion carries away your empty husk to the distant shores of dry straw, swishing before the void. It is a story of unliving and existential terror. It is amazing, but you need to embrace it as a story, not a challenge to complete. Link HERE.