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Project Shooter (Dialtone) DevLog

A topic by Cartridge Games created 4 days ago Views: 12
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What is Dialtone: This new service to eliminate thugs gang-bangers and etc . It is called the "Clean up Crew". They clean house of there targets to make the city less populated with toxic people. Nerve is the main character you play as and his main goal is to wipe out the bad guys and make his blood money in the good way.

Inspiration: This game is inspired by Hotline Miami. I love that game and this project is gonna be a 3d version of it in the Unreal Engine. 

Play Style: Its gonna be a top down shooter game where you use WASD to move and Left click to shoot (hopefully).

Future Plans: plans are simple

  1. Get the assets I need for the game, especially a blueprint i can work with.
  2. Learn about unreal and scripting
  3. Make levels and characters for the game
  4. Start working on the story
  5. Just have fun with the game.
Release data:

im not thinking of a date just yet because im still toying around in the unreal engine so please be patient with me

Im a 1 man team working on this game. I do want to have a team to help me but Im working on a small budget and most of my money is for assets plus im still in school (College) and im unemployed. So I hope y'all can stick with me with this process of the game and lets have a good time.

More updates are to come in the future (Maybe tomorrow)