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Eye of the Temple

Explore an vast and treacherous temple in room-scale VR · By runevision

Just finished Eye Of The Temple 2nd build.

A topic by fixkey created Feb 02, 2017 Views: 248 Replies: 6
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Overall I'm impressed. I played on 1.5 supersampling on GTX 1080 & i7 6700k and game was butter smooth apart of these white dots that have occurred twice. Once on the 3rd attempt with "boss" and second time at the end. It might be my fault but I have never seen them in other games. Now I will tell my favorites and least favorites moments of the game.

+ Sliding cylinders. These blocks are very cool and satisfying to move on.

+ Bosses. I think everyone can agree that they're making this game so much more entertaining and I would love to see more action with them! (1st boss finished on 4th try, 2nd one first try, and as well as user KDLGates I have waved them on the exit)

+ Torch. Shadows were done nicely.

+ Different paths. While Chrysalis Pyramid lacked of choosing different paths this time you didn't disappoint me and I really appreciate it!

+/- Background. Personally I find that background is not really well suiting rest of the game but it isn't bad either. I would change it to something more ancient-like.

- Respawn time. It might be bugged but sometimes I fell not from my fault and even standing on feet symbol I needed to wait about 5s for respawn. I found it to be really frustrating but that's my only major complaint.

Suggestions: Hard mode(platforms don't stop at all you need to walk on them right on time I don't know if it would work but that's my dream), Different textures, More levels, traps (arrows etc.), more interaction with hands (like picking a bow and shooting something or taking a ball/parts from one place to another).

Thank you for reading and thanks for sending me your build. Currently I would pay 10$ for that state, for twice longer playtime I would pay 15$. Also please don't be afraid of doing sales (even 10% sales).


Thanks for trying it and for the feedback!

I agree the background is not entirely fitting; it's placeholder until I get something better. It will probably still be far up on a mountain, but more green and lush instead of snowy.

About the respawn time, I suspect it's because it requires a bit too much precision in how you position yourself and that can be a bit fiddly. I'll increase the detection radius and hopefully that will help.


Sorry for the me-tooism, but the idea of a hard mode of platforms without pause, reduced delay on the "drop blocks", perhaps even more wicked stone sentry column maze "bosses" or more wicked layouts, perhaps as an unlock on first completion, would obviously be non-trivial to implement, but great for a repeat playthrough, replayability and achievement hunting, though obviously deeply non trivial to add to the workload when you have to weigh it against making the base game longer and richer. Purely speculatively, but dual layouts might even be a way to "have your cake and eat it too" regarding the divisive nature of environments such as the column mazes and how some people find forced replays to be a turn off... just that nasty truth about it sounding like twice the level design labor which could potentially take away from the base game.


Ah, I forgot to comment on the hard mode idea.

A thing you might not be aware of because it's quite subtle is that the pause time between platform movement is adaptive. It starts out at 1.5 seconds but quickly drops to a much lower value if you step competently. However with the current implementation, it can't really get lower than 0.5 seconds.

I made it adaptive for comfort reasons. For people who tend to get motion sick with (bad) VR, this can be triggered if you step onto a platform as it's already begun leaving. But for some people, this would happen a lot with short pauses; hence I made the pauses adapt to the stepping pace people feel natural.

One problem of reducing pauses for sake of hard mode is that if you step a bit too late you don't die; you just get this correction effect which can be unpleasant. So it doesn't really get particularly harder I think, just less enjoyable.

However, I had thought that maybe the adaptive speed could be used for "speed-running" purposes? Because, the more precise you step, the quicker you can get through the place. Do you think something like that might be interesting?

Shorter reaction time for the drop blocks, that should be doable though, and would make sense to me for a hard mode, since you do die if you fail. Not at the top of my list for what I'll be working on first though, but I've added it to my notes. :)

Yes! Speed-running is a great idea for much more replay value and more interesting gameplays. Of course there would be need for leaderboards because if there is no time to beat speed-running isn't worth it.

And one more thing! When I played eye of the temple I used this spin counter: to "untwist" myself and I did it a lot. I suggest adding this feature.


Just a follow-up to the suggestion of a hard mode.

The new build has a speedrun mode that can also be thought of as hard mode:

If you give it a try, I'd love to hear what you think!