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Marie's Room

A topic by Kenny Guillaume created Feb 02, 2017 Views: 710 Replies: 6
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Marie's Room is an interactive short-story about an unconventional friendship between two classmates, told through memories.
You get to know about all these events in a non-linear way by interacting/searching objects in Marie's room.
I'm aiming to release Marie's Room for free in Q3 2017.


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All of this is still work in progress. None of the story has been implemented yet, a lot more objects need to be made and the objects that do exist, can (and probably will) change. Also audio and voice-over is almost none existent at this point. This is an early proof of concept.


I like the artwork concept!

I wonder are you need any help with sound design and/or music? I'll be happy to collaborate

Thanks for your kind words. I do already have a colleague who's willing to work on both sound design and music. So I'm pretty much covered on the audio part. :) But thank you for your interest. I really appreciate it!


You are welcom )) Well, I wish you good luck with your game then!

Something I'm so stoked about. I get to use some music by amazing artists!

Simon Alexander

and Emily Bones

I just did a few days of refactoring, so no real new features or visuals. Everything is now more optimised and easier to work with though!
See you!

Here's the brand new trailer:

So yes... I'm on Steam Greenlight as well now!